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Sluice Box 34 Inch

Sluice Box 34 Inch2DT_00442DT_00452DT_00102DT_00122DT_00152DT_00162DT_0017

Flair Sluice Box 53 Inch

Flair Sluice Box 53 Inch2DT_00162DT_00172DT_00052DT_00072DT_00102DT_0012

Gold Pans

Gold Pans2DT_01592DT_01612DT_0160

Mini High Banker 6 Inch

Mini High Banker 6 Inch2DT_00402DT_00822DT_00842DT_00102DT_00122DT_00232DT_00262DT_00282DT_00292DT_00322DT_00342DT_0015

Sluice Pump and Parts

Sluice Pump and Parts2DT_01262DT_01142DT_01152DT_0164

Sluice Screen and Metal

Sluice Screen and Metal2DT_01502DT_01472DT_0152

Creavasing Tools

Creavasing Tools2DT_01472DT_00972DT_01012DT_00952DT_00992DT_00912DT_01012DT_01052DT_00872DT_01122DT_01642DT_01142DT_01152DT_01262DT_01302DT_0086

Large River Scoop

Large River Scoop2DT_0093a2DT_0095a

Park Scoop

Park Scoop2DT_01342DT_01362DT_0138

Recirculating Sluice – 6 Inch

Recirculating Sluice – 6 Inch2DT_00172DT_00622DT_00632DT_00642DT_00682DT_00102DT_00122DT_00152DT_00162DT_00772DT_00822DT_00842DT_00712DT_0073

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